A transport load is abnormal when it is an indivisible object that, either due to its size or weight, cannot be moved on a vehicle without exceeding the limitations as described by the National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000. Such freight may only be transported under permit, using a vehicle appropriate to the load.

The Department of Transport has extensive rules governing the type of loads that may be moved on our national road network, and these are laid out in the schedule specifying different regulations. An abnormal load is a load which due to its weight, or dimensions cannot be carried on a conventional goods vehicle and requires a special vehicle and arrangements for its transport. In order for Milltrans to do Abnormal Loads we have the following specialised trailers for abnormal loads.

  • 30-ton step deck trailers
  • 40-ton lowbed trailers
  • 60-ton lowbed trailers
  • A trailer that can carry up to 100-ton.
  • 18m Extendable Step Deck Trailer
  • 23m Extendable Trailer (Can accommodate cargo up to 35m long)

Permits and Escorts can be arranged for Abnormal Loads through the company

five reasons to use milltrans

  1. All our trucks are equipped with tracking units and a camera system. We can determine the exact position of any cargo at any given time.
  2. The camera system is controlled and monitored by a controlled room to make sure the truck is safe on the road 24 hrs support.
  3. Drivers are screened and tested by professional driver instructor – before employment. Majority of our drivers has at least 5 years of experience – with Milltrans.
  4. Our trucks are well maintained and are replaced within 4 – 5 years.
  5. Each load is of value to our customer, and we ensure safe and timeous delivery.