Freight & Container Transport

Milltrans specializes in long and short distance road freight & container transport.


Container Handling, Storage & Warehousing

Milltrans load and offload containers enabling them to immediately transfer containers to storage or warehousing. Milltrans stores both full and empty containers.


Container Storage & Warehousing

Goods arriving on container can be immediately transferred by Milltrans to storage or warehousing. Milltrans stores full and empty containers.


Sideloader Equipment

Grounding the container will enable a forklift to drive into the container for packing and unpacking. This allows the ‘container-lifter’ to handle jobs with multiple containers.


Hazardous Chemical Transport

Milltrans is licensed to carry and transport hazardous chemicals.


Cross Border Transport & Abnormal Loads

With Africa opening some of our neighbours allowing trade and transport, Milltrans can transport all forms of goods to borders. This includes vehicles fitted with lower than normal decks, required for abnormal loads.


We pride ourselves on our knowledge of transport and being able to look after our customers’ needs effectively.