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Over the past 21 years, Milltrans has become a leader in the freight & container transport industry. With branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London & Johannesburg and a fleet containing heavy duty trucks, trailers, side loaders, side tippers, low beds, 12m flat decks, 18m link trailer’s and taut liners we offer specialized transport industry experience focussing on each clients’ unique needs.

Freight & Container Transport

Milltrans specializes in providing long and short distance road freight & container transport .We operate along all major routes in South Africa. Milltrans has various combinations in our fleet. All trucks have satellite tracking to enable effective control of all it’s operations.

Container Handling & Unpacking

Milltrans loads and offloads containers. The container is placed on the ground for packing and unpacking and then collected once it is ready to be transported.

Container Storage & Warehousing

Goods arriving on container can be immediately transferred by Milltrans to storage or warehousing. Milltrans stores full and empty containers.

Cross Border Transport & Abnormal Loads.

With Africa opening some of our neighbours allowing trade and transport. Milltrans can transport all forms of goods to borders. Vehicles fitted with lower than normal decks, need for abnormal loads. Permits can be arranged for abnormal loads through the company.

Sideloader Equipment

Grounding the container will enable a forklift to drive into the container for packing and unpacking. This allows the ‘container-lifter’ to handle jobs with multiple containers.

Hazardous Chemical Transport

Milltrans is licensed to carry these chemicals.

About Us

Milltrans was established in 1990 by J.J Stapelberg, trading as J+F Vervoer, focusing on the transport of maize across South Africa.

In 1997 the business expanded with the acquisition of additional trucks, also transporting scrap metals and containers. 

With the coming of the new Millennium the trading name changed to Milltrans (short for Millennium Transporter). Our single office in East London has grown over time to now also include offices in Port Elizabeth in 2002, Cape Town in 2005 and Johannesburg in 2007, ensuring a cross country and cross border footprint.

Milltrans continues to go from strength to strength, fuelled by the same passion of providing the best customer service and is destined to be the leader in the freight & container transport industry.


What Our Clients Say

Don't just take it from us, our clients have the last say

“I’m very impressed with Milltrans. I have never seen a company handle large volumes for such long periods of time and still maintain their excellent service level. I know I can call them at any time, day or night and they will be able to provide a solution.”

“We had no idea Milltrans would handle our small equipment move project. We see their trucks all over South Africa so we thought our project would be too small. They treated us like we were their best client and that’s really refreshing. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“Milltrans is an amazing operation to work with. They have handled our container transport needs for over 6 years and they have simply never let as down. No reason to look anywhere else.”

“Milltrans always goes above and beyond the expected level of service to handle our abnormal loads.”

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